How to get Charming Skin with Aromatherapy?

by Sumedha Rewar

How to get Charming Skin with Aromatherapy?

Those were the days when ONLY women used to be worried about their skin and buy the best products for their personal usage. Now, it has become a matter of interest of men and women to care for their skin and treat it well. There are various essential oils used for the purpose of getting effective natural skincare.

Whether your skin requires a basic massage or moisturizing or the exclusive treatments like blemish removal, skin patches, aging or any other issue, there are some of the excellent essential oils available in aromatherapy to get the right move.

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Natural aromatherapy oils for facial skin

Argan Oil This oil is very popular for reducing wrinkles and softens the facial skin. It can rejuvenate and revitalize skin’s cells and prevents early signs of aging due to stress, pollution and smoking. This oil also reduces skin acne, irritability, inflammation and removes scars & acne. Use Argan oil directly to the skin without mixing it with any cream. Directly apply it before makeup.
Tea Tree Oil This oil is renowned and comes with amazing properties to get rid of bacteria, fungi and virus. It can fight many infections having resistance to several antibiotics. Various skin problems, irritations, wounds, dandruff, rashes, herpes, warts, insect bites, sun burns, oily skin, acne marks and abscess can be cured by this wonderful oil. This product can be used directly to the skin or merged with organic skincare product to achieve the best results.
Coconut Oil Coconut Oil is a gem in skincare treatment. This oil has been used for many centuries and contains richness in Triglycerides. Natural coconut oil promotes easy absorption when applied to the skin. It can moisturize deeply and hydrates the skin in the best way. The skin becomes hydrated and gets relieved from roughness and wrinkles. It is beneficial even for the hair care with increased immunity, weight loss and maintaining cholesterol levels. It is used as natural skin moisturizer and can be applied directly to the skin.
Citronella Oil Citronella is an insect repellent and used mainly for oily skin, which is a common cause for acne. The oil has anti bacterial properties and prevents the bacteria causing the issues like acne. To get the best impact and clean oily skin, you can mix one drop of citronella oil with an ounce of witch hazel and apply on the clean face. It will give best results for acne and clean all the bacteria present on your face.
Lavender Oil Lavender oil is known for its properties to relieve stress and anxiety. It is a natural stress reliever and used as an important element in organic skincare, deodorants, perfumes and insect repellents.

Lavender oil can treat skin problems, like rashes, sunburns, acne and even the acute problems like eczema and psoriasis. It dries out pus and even reduces acne.

Put a few drops of Lavender oil in the bath water to remain stress free for the whole day.

Burns, acne and insect stings can be cured with lavender oil.

Frankincense Oil This oil is the perfect choice for fighting ageing issues. The oil has anti ageing properties and is termed as a popular skincare option from many centuries. It rejuvenates the skin by eliminating the dead skin and promotes new skin with firmness. You can make a mixture of 4 drops of Frankincense oil with 30 ml almond oil blended with 2 drops of rose otto and 4 drops neroli to get a fine mixture of oil for getting youthful skin.

You can mix Frankincense oil with rose oil to prevent skin dryness.

Rose Otto Oil Rose Otto Oil can effectively treat unevenness of complexion, treatment of wrinkles and thread veins. It is the best essential oil with anti-viral properties. It can reduce blackheads, black spots, acne and spidery veins. Rose Otto oil is also a great astringent.

The oil is the best for tired skin as it refreshes it completely. It gives youthful and soft appearance to skin.

Mixing rose otto oil with jojoba oil can make it look fresh.

The listed skincare oils are the main ones and have excellent properties for your skin. If you are looking for getting mastered help, take assistance of skin specialist and aromatherapy expert to get solution to your specific problem. Use them on the skin, but make sure that you use it rightly to avoid any incongruity.

Sumedha Rewar
Sumedha Rewar
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