Infusing Crystals with Essential Oils

by Emily Bowles

Essential oils have a long history. For 5,000 years people have been using them in wellness practices. In 980 AD, the Persian physician Avicenna perfected the distillation process of essential oils. In Greece, Hippocrates recommended aromatherapy massage to his patients. Even earlier, the ancient Egyptians used essential oils in their mummification process. They also placed quartz crystals on the head of the deceased. Gems have widely been cherished since the dawn of humankind. Ivory beads, dating as early as the Paleolithic period were excavated and found to be used as amulets. It was a Greek custom to rub crushed hematite on soldiers’ bodies prior to going into war, with the belief that it would make them invincible. The use of crystals for healing is well documented in the Hindu Vedas, dating back to 1500 BCE. Crystals and essential oils make the perfect pair. In healing, both of these tools work synergistically to harness the power of intention. Incorporating them into your routine will allow you to tap into that potential.


To begin, you’ll need at least one crystal with properties that resonate. You may choose to work with the chakra system, in that case, seven crystals can be used, one for each chakra. After infusing the crystals with essential oils and intention, you’ll place the stone on the body and allow it to move, direct, and diffuse the energies within it. Before infusing your gems, it is important, to begin with, a fresh, clean, and cleared crystal. Sea salt or rice can be used to do this. Just pour some over your stones and let sit for at least twenty minutes. Now that the rocks are purified, the crystal needs to be charged.


Crystals work based on electromagnetism. They vibrate at their own frequency and when placed in one’s energetic field create another larger vibrational field that affects the nervous system, thereby permeating the brain. It’s important that the crystal’s vibration matches one of healing. This can be ensured by charging your crystals. Charge stones with Reiki energy, sunlight, moonlight, water, or a combination of the four. To charge with reiki, hold the stone in your hand, take a few deep breaths, set a grounding cord, and begin channeling the Reiki energy. Even if you don’t practice Reiki you can do this with your intention. Think positive thoughts, imagine a colored, sparkling light coming from your hand and filling up the crystal. If you want to draw some Reiki symbols over the crystal, now is your opportunity.

Image by MartyNZ

Sunlight is a powerful force and can be utilized in healing by charging the crystals outside underneath the sun. You also have the option to soak crystals in water overnight underneath the full moon. Add a few drops of essential oil to the water to fully infuse the crystal. Another way is to make a spray using a plant-based solubilizer. Mix two to three drops of a solubilizer for each drop of essential oil. Mist the crystals. Alternatively, you can place a drop of undiluted oil right onto the point of your crystal, if it has one. I also recommend applying essential oil directly to the body before treatment, to the places where you plan on putting the crystal.

Now, set your intention. Whatever you hope to achieve from the treatment, whether that’s protection, love, peace, calm, clarity, or sobriety. Declare your intention out loud. Then gently arrange each stone on the body on areas needing healing, or you can place one on each chakra. Breathe deep and let the crystals absorb and dissipate negative frequencies while allowing positive healing energies to flow in. Below are pairings of essential oils with crystals based on the specific healing properties of both.


Smokey Quartz + Lemongrass


            Smokey quartz transmutes fear-based energies into positive ones. Ruling the root chakra, smokey quartz is incredibly grounding. It helps to elevate the mood, to enhance courage, and provide protection. Lemongrass is a key ingredient in bug spray and a potent anti-depressant. It kills germs and boosts energy. Purifying the air, it protects against negativity. The properties of mood elevation and protection make smokey quartz and lemongrass the perfect combination.


Ruby Fuschite + Ylang Ylang


             Ruby Fuschite is the heart stone. It’s particularly adept at removing blockages to love and filling the void with positive energies. It helps to amplify the body’s electromagnetic field. The combination of complementary colors red and green opens the crown chakra and deepens meditative states. Physically, Ruby Fuschite strengthens the heart and aids circulation and blood flow. Ylang ylang is an anti-depressant, nervine, sedative, and an aphrodisiac, making it the oil of romance. Combined, the two create the perfect means for opening the heart to love.


Blue Lace Agate + Lavender


Blue lace agate is an emotional healing stone in a soft pale blue color. It accompanies the throat chakra. Its main function is to bring about tranquility and peace. Agate soothes and comforts the mind. It is a stone of encouragement and support. Healing communication issues, agate brings a clear understanding to arguments. Lavender is famous for its sedating effects, treating anxiety and depression, as well as tension headaches and body aches. In conjunction, lavender and blue lace agate can bring equanimity and a calm presence of mind to any situation or conflict.


Tourmaline + Rosemary


            Tourmaline is another protection stone, guarding against negative influence. It relieves stress, promotes detoxification, increases alertness, eliminates toxic heavy metals, and improves self-confidence. It can balance and clear the chakras and aura. It is associated with the base chakra and aids in grounding. Tourmaline can be charged by simply rubbing it, generating heat. One end of the stone becomes charged positively and the other negatively, allowing it to attract or repel particles. This is known as piezoelectricity. Rosemary oil, much like tourmaline, is purifying, being antibacterial. It also provides better concentration and increases mental alertness. Rosemary is a stimulant, and with increased energy levels, the mind becomes more focused. Rosemary is also nervine, so it calms and soothes as it lifts you up. The plant has high levels of camphor, an important energy supporter. It will uplift fatigue and improve focus.


Amethyst + Grapefruit


            Amethyst comes from the Greek word ‘amethustos’, which literally means, “not drunk”. It eases compulsive behaviors and grapefruit essential oil controls the cravings. Amethyst is perfect for an overstressed and overworked state of a mind. It is also a crystal of protection, and of transformation. Increasing logical reasoning while warding off negative influences, amethyst enriches wisdom and spiritual power. It can cure nightmares and insomnia and balances the crown chakra. Grapefruit essential oil is a natural weight loss and appetite suppressant. Grapefruit will give you a healthy dose of limonene, supporting the liver and detoxing the body. Grapefruit has long been used for treating drug addiction, anorexia, bulimia, mental stress, and withdrawal. Together, grapefruit and amethyst, along with focused intention, can be a supportive element to the recovery from any addiction.

Always feel free to experiment when matching crystals and oils. Have fun, play, and use your intuition!

Emily Bowles is a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha yoga instructor—currently living and teaching in Northern California. She is a Reiki level II practitioner and essential oil wellness advocate, engaged in daily healing and self-liberation. She is about to release her first children’s book, and currently studying pre-med sciences to become a naturopathic physician. Emily maintains a personal piyo, core power, and yin yoga practice, believing that all things are possible—yoga being the dance, the lifestyle, and the vehicle that bridges us closer together, to our higher selves, and to home. She wants to remind you that you must never give up. Your dreams are alive within, waiting on you to manifest the courage and make them real. Her website link: ॐ