Ways to apply essential oils on skin

by Sumedha Rewar

Skin is the largest part of the body and needs to be pampered. Essential oils can be transferred into every cell of the body in different ways. It spreads through diffusers or is directly applied on the skin to get the required benefits.

There are many ways to apply oils to the skin area. There are many ways through which essential oils are applied on the skin:

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  • Hot or cold compresses: These are easy to use. You can add some oil into the water with 5-8 drops of the essential oil. Dip a washcloth into the water, swish it and place that cloth into the body. You can place it for 15-20 minutes to get the benefits. The cold compress can be done by using spearmint drops in cold water and placing the compress for the throat relief. Warm compression is used for curing menstrual cramps. You can use therapeutic grade oils for getting relieved from any trouble. Ask your practitioner about the best oils which can help in curing your body in the appropriate way.
  • Topical application: It is the maximum used method of application. Essential oils can be applied to the skin under the guidance of a qualified aroma therapist. The essential oils need to be added to the carrier oil before direct application to the skin. Massage therapists use essential oils to massage or relaxation therapies. These oils are prepared by adding one or more essential oils in the base oils for massage. For example, lavender drops can be added for the best fragrance and relaxation. There are many oils beneficial for the skin. The best oil can be prepared by adding 2.5% of the essential oil into the carrier solution.
  • Gels and creams: Some solutions of essential oils are prepared in gels and creams for application of the essential oils in the skin. The mixture contains 15 drops of the oil in one ounce of gel or cream. It is important to get the right guidance by aroma therapist to get a solution for your specific needs.
  • Mouthwash: It is easy to make your own mouthwash. Add 2-3 drops of the essential oil in one cup of distilled water. Blend well and use a mouthwash for gargling. Taking an example, you can use 3-4 drops of Tea Tree oil to get rid of the first symptoms of a sore throat.
  • Sprays: It is the best way to use essential oils. You can fill up the spray bottle with distilled water and add one or two essential oils (proportionately) into the same. You can spray it on the affected area for 3-4 times in a day. It will start showing its effects soon. Majorly, this formula is used for itch relief. Some people prepare their own air freshener by preparing it in the spray bottle.
  • Baths: This is a great way to use essential oils on the skin. The selected essential oil can be added to the bath and swished to fully mix into the water tub. It is always preferable to add the essential oils to a dispersing agent to avoid the issues like thin film in the bathtub or floating oils over the water bath. Essential oils can also be added to the bath salts. Some people prefer milk as the dispersing agent for preparing the bath water. Bath water with essential oils gives relaxation to the body.
  • Salves: This is a thick solution of the essential oil with an unscented lotion or cream. Salves can be helpful in curing the skin conditions, respiratory troubles and muscle aches. The gauge for preparation is 15-16 drops per ounce of the salve or thick cream.
  • Foot and hand bath: This is another powerful way of using essential oils. You can use 5-8 drops of oils to the dispersing agent which is mainly one quart of distilled water. Foot and hand bath are mainly used by the patients suffering from arthritis and joint pains. Another bath prepared is termed as sitz bath which is helpful in obtaining relief from hemorrhoids. You can talk to your aroma therapist for your concerns and get recommendations for the appropriate solution.

Note: It is always advisable to get the help from the expert therapists before applying anything on the skin. You can try the oil(s) with a patch test to get a trial on your skin and check out its effects.

Sumedha Rewar
Sumedha Rewar
Sumedha Rewar is an expert in aroma-therapy and has experience in sharing valuable information for Reiki and Yoga articles as well. She is eager to know about the newest trends in the market and researching about them in the best way. Her experiments in essential oils with the scientific study have motivated her towards sharing the valuable information for the same.