Essential oils and Emotions

by Rashna Tjikhoeri

In my work as Health and Wellness Coach and Yoga and Meditation Teacher / Trainer, I often come into contact with people who often do not find it easy to express their emotions. To express our emotions is very important for processing the many impressions we get throughout the day and our lives. If we do not take (enough) (the) time and space for ourselves to experience and live our emotions, then they get stuck in our body in the form of tension.

Image by oatsy40

Today, we often live a hectic life. Social standards dictate that we function at a certain rate and that we need to adapt quickly to changes within ourselves and in our lives. That speed makes it possible for us to grow and develop on a personal level, but it can also be an obstacle to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth. Ultimately, this often leads to feelings of stress and if we are unable to attend it, we can experience a feeling of fear that may eventually lead to panic feelings.

Moments of peace and quiet are very important for us humans so that we get the time and space to process all our impressions. This process can be intensified by integrating essential oils into our daily life.

I myself love my diffuser. I consciously plan moments of silence throughout during my day to calm down, reflect, reconsider, calm the mind and process my feelings and emotions. Next to me, my diffuser with a specific oil in order to intensify that process. This oil is chosen purely intuitively. It has become a daily ritual that I can really look forward to. I share this ritual with you so that it can inspire you.

Below you will find a list of specific emotions and the essential oils that can be supportive in this process of processing.

Anger – Lavender

Anxiety – Lavender

Balance – Geranium

Confidence – Cederhout

Creativity – Frankincense

Depression – Lemon

Emotional trauma – Sandalwood

Fear – Ylang Ylang

Focus and concentration – Lavender

Sadness – Lemon

Happiness / Peace – Lemon

Loss – Orange

Negative emotions – Orange

Rejection – Lavender

Releasing – Roman Chamomile

Pleasing – Lemon

Stress – Grapefruit

May it inspire you…!!

Rashna Tjikhoeri lives in the Netherlands and is a Yoga, Meditation, and Yoga Nidra trainer and teacher, Transformation and Health & Detox Coach and freelance writer. Her biggest inspirations are Mother Nature and the classical Yoga philosophy. It’s her life’s mission to inspire others to live a conscious, happy, inspiring and fulfilling life from a place of love and light. Living in the present moment enjoying all the great gifts that life has to offer. Accepting oneself on the way whatever life presents us with on our journey. She believes that we already possess the knowledge and experience that’s required to live our soul purpose and those life events are there to remind us of what we already know on a deeper level. She believes that everyone is unique and that we can achieve great things as long as we are willing to see, hear and acknowledge our inner calling.