Aromatherapy and the Chakra and Endocrine Systems, part 2

by Jessica North-O’Connell

In Part 1, we looked at the more ephemeral or subtle Chakras, seven through five. Now we will address the Heart Chakra (four) and the “lower Chakras”… which reminds me of an amusing story!

In the mid-1980s, when I first began expanding my metaphysical practice to include Chakra work, I kept encountering some Chakra practitioners who claimed they “only worked with the upper Chakras,” as though the more physical aspects of existence, as represented in Chakras one through three, had no importance to them. I couldn’t help but feel these practitioners were only offering and supporting, an unbalanced view of human existence. Imagine trying to drive only the front end of your car, or walking only the front end of your dog! Hilarious! If we only pay attention to the “upper” or “lower” Chakras, we would only be accessing part of our potential, and probably not very effectively at that.

I was grateful to meet an artist with whom I was able to collaborate, and we gladly took on the task of instructing our class and workshop participants about how the Chakra system is interconnected and how the Chakras are inter-dependent upon one another. In fact, we said, the upper Chakras are reflected in the lower ones and vice versa so, for example, Chakra seven and Chakra one reflect one another through their involvement with “rootedness,” Chakra seven reflecting our spiritual roots, while Chakra one our physical roots; Chakra six and Chakra two are both concerned with creativity, whether conceptual or actualized; Chakra five is reflected in Chakra three (which is also known as the Will Centre), as both represent personal expression and being able to pursue what we want.

So let’s continue our cursory look at Chakra four and the “grittier” Chakras, three to one, remember also that there are much more Chakras in the body than the most-known seven, including Chakras in each hand and foot.

These blends are recommended for adults. As previously mentioned, please ensure that you use an appropriate, good quality vegetable carrier oil in proper proportion to the blended essential oils themselves (e.g., a 3% dilution means approximately 17-20 drops of essential oil to 30 ml/1 oz. carrier. For those convalescing or for the elderly, please use a 1% dilution or approximately 7 drops of essential oil to 30 ml/1 oz. carrier).

Blends may be applied topically, massaged into the soles of the feet, or added to a bath. If adding them to a bath, please add an equal number of drops of carrier oil to avoid damaging sensitive mucous membranes.

They may be added neat to a diffuser.

Also, please pay attention to the caveats.

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Caveat: These blends are not recommended for use by women who are pregnant.

The Chakra Blends

“One vision that I see clear as life before me, that the ancient mother has awakened once more, sitting on her throne rejuvenated, more glorious than ever. Proclaim her to all the world with the voice of peace and benediction.” – Swami Vivekananda

Chakra Four – Anahata: “Unstruck note”

Chakra four is often considered to be the center of the system, as it is the mediating point between the “upper” and “lower” Chakras. Affiliated with the thymus gland (which some consider being a separate Chakra altogether), the immune system and the heart, Chakra four is situated in the center of the chest.

In childhood, bone marrow cells migrate to the thymus gland where they are converted to immune cells. Some cultures practice “chest-beating” during the grieving process or during the process of self-absolution from guilt. This practice is said to stimulate the immune system while giving expression to the emotional condition.

The fourth Chakra is concerned with compassion, unconditional love, grace and is the ‘balancer‘ of physical and abstract realms and functions, helping us maintain an equilibrium between them. It is associated with the Air element.

Some symptoms which suggest an imbalance in this Chakra include heart disease, immune disorders, allergies, lack of compassion, self-neglect and an inability to feel or experience love.

Suggested Crystals/Gemstones: Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Jade, Kunzite, Turquoise, Watermelon Tourmaline, Clear Quartz.

Chakra Four Blend: Hygieia, “To Heal is to Become Happy”

Greek Pantheon: According to the myths of Classical Greece, Hygieia was the daughter of the physician Asclepius. Far more likely is it that he was a priest of the Goddess Hygieia, whose domain was health and healing. The Romans knew her as Salus, or Salus Hygieia, amalgamating the qualities of Hygieia with those of the earlier Sabine Goddess of agriculture and societal well-being. Hygieia was also a title of the Goddess Athena as guardian of mental health.

This blend of Lavender, Grapefruit, Petitgrain, Mandarin, and Frankincense may be used to encourage “lightheartedness,” relaxation, stress-reduction, youthful joyousness and generosity.

The original blend, for whom the series was named was called Guanyin (or Kwan Yin).

Chinese Pantheon: “She who hears the cries of the world.” Guanyin is considered to be the most powerful deity in the (pre-revolutionary) Chinese pantheon. She is the merciful and compassionate bodhisattva of Buddhist philosophy whose decision to remain incarnate until the last earthly being achieves enlightenment endears her to humanity. (In some artistic works, she is presented as an Androgyne.)

Taking many forms, she is a patron of farmers and prostitutes and protector of women and children. She is associated with sound and is called “the melodious voice.” Her heart sutra is chanted in Buddhist centers throughout the world every day.

Gaté, gaté, para gaté, para sam gaté, Bodhi Svaha

(Gone, gone, gone beyond gone, gone to a farther shore, Hail to the enlightened one)

This blend of Rose, Geranium, and Bergamot may be used to promote compassion and love, to ease heartache, to support the immune system and to restore and encourage joy.

Chakra Three – Manipura:  “City of Gems” or “Lustrous Gem”

The third Chakra is also known as the Fire center of the body or solar plexus. Located between the navel and diaphragm, it is affiliated with the pancreas, adrenal cortex, liver, stomach and digestive system, as well as with one’s will, one’s sense of self (ego), self-worth, personal power and direction, corporeal intelligence, and mentality. It is considered to be “the center of the translation of knowledge into wisdom.”

Imbalances of Chakra three may include diabetes, hypoglycemia, ulcers, digestive disorders, lack of drive, abuse of power, lack of confidence, low self-esteem.

Suggested Crystals/Gemstones: Yellow Topaz, Canary Amber, Citrine, Clear Quartz (and the metal Gold)

Chakra Three Blend: Hestia, “Eternal Hearth”

Green pantheon: Possibly the oldest deity of the Greeks, Hestia is the hearth-fire and, according to Pythagoras, the fire at the core of the Earth. She may originally have been a Solar Goddess. She had an altar at the center of every home, the kitchen hearth. She was the symbol of family unity – a new home could not be established until the woman of the house had brought fire from her mother’s hearth to light her own. Hestia was also Goddess of the public health and important documents were signed in her temple. Oaths sworn on her name were considered inviolable.

This blend of Ginger, Lemon, Rosemary, Vetivert, and Bergamot may be used to stimulate the endocrine system and adrenal cortex, and to support one’s personal will’s alignment with one’s Higher Self.

Chakra Two –  Svadhisthana: “Sweetness”

The second Chakra is associated with the emotional body, our feelings, creativity, sexual maturity, empathy, and desire. It is also associated with finances and our perception of abundance, or the lack of it, in our lives.

Located two inches, or three fingers’ width or so below the navel, it is affiliated with the ovaries, uterus, breasts, (in women), kidneys, bladder, lower bowel and circulatory system. Some consider the male reproductive organs to be under the jurisdiction of this Chakra also.

Just as the third Chakra is called the solar center, so is the second Chakra known as the lunar center. When we speak of knowing or feeling something at our “gut level,” we are speaking about our second Chakra. When we are compelled to follow our desires or are driven to express our creativity, we are using the “engine” of our second Chakra. When we are enjoying an excellent meal, delighting in the fragrance and beauty of a flower or the regal colors of a sunset, we are responding to life via our second Chakra.

Imbalances of the second Chakra may include pelvic and reproductive disorders, menstrual difficulties, kidney stones, gallstones, venereal diseases, frigidity, impotence, bladder problems and kidney ailments, among others.

Suggested Crystals/Gemstones: Amber, Carnelian, Honey Calcite, Citrine, Clear Quartz (and the metal Silver)

Chakra Two Blend: Yemaya, “My strength is in Persistence”

West African/Caribbean Pantheon: Beloved Mother Goddess of the Oceans, she is revered by the Yoruba people of West Africa (where she is called Imonja) from whence she was transported to the “New World” of North, Central, and South America. She is also Goddess of commerce, known as a sharp businesswoman, and is seen either as the crescent moon or as the moon’s sister. Often pictured with a mermaid’s tail, as an emblem of her association with the Water element, Yemaya’s emotional temperament is as powerful as the sea. Hers are the waters of the womb and creation. She washes away the troubles of her followers, leaving them clean.

This blend of Geranium, Clary sage and Patchouli may be used to alleviate sexual coldness and to support the female reproductive system.

Caveats: If you or your clients have or have had estrogen-dependent cancers, please refer to

Do not combine the use of Clary sage with alcohol consumption.

Chakra One – Muladhara: “Root,” “Support”

Affiliated with the adrenals, cervix, testicles, perineum, bones, legs and feet, and large intestine, the first Chakra also represents the foundational physical self, the life force, survival and the right to exist. It is our instinctive aspect, our sense of security and safety in our world, and our sense of being grounded in three-dimensional reality. It is our unconscious self. It is also our sense of belonging.

Imbalances of Chakra one include anxiety, insecurity, fearfulness, loneliness, eating disorders, obesity, constipation, sciatica, hip/knee/leg/foot problems, and sexual dysfunctions which arise from physical conditions.

Suggested Crystals/Gemstones: Garnet, Ruby, Obsidian, Onyx, Bloodstone, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Lodestone, Clear Quartz

Chakra One Blend – Hecate: “Queen of the Night Sky, Guardian of the Depths”

Greek Pantheon: Originally a Thracian (and possibly earlier, an Egyptian) Goddess, Hecate was adopted by the Greeks and considered to be more powerful than Zeus himself, he who was considered the “king of the gods.” She is Goddess of magic, sorcery, midwives, Witches and the waning moon, Guardian of the Crossroads (Tri-Via, the three ways) and bestower of both wealth and wisdom. Most likely she was the original deity of the Underworld, prior to the god Hades. The Egyptian Heqit was Goddess of the primordial waters and was represented as a Frog. Frogs are the sacred animal of crones, midwives, and Hecate.

This blend of Marjoram, Cedarwood Atlas, Rosemary, Cypress, and Patchouli may be used as an adrenal stimulant, tonic, for grounding, and to aid in the elimination of toxins from the body.

Why were these essential oils chosen?

These essential oils were selected for their acknowledged actions on the endocrine system and/or psycho-emotional body. All essential oils have many uses and this is but a small sample of their potential. Please bear in mind that the effects of essential oils may vary from person to person, depending upon their own constitutional type. (See Resources to learn more about constitutional types)

Bergamot: aids digestive system; anti-depressant

Cedarwood Atlas: kidney/spleen/pancreas tonic; stimulates lymphatic circulation

Clary sage: hormonal and adrenal stimulant; regulates menses; deeply relaxing

Cypress: regulates female hormones; increases pancreatic action; aids in transitions

Frankincense: assists in transitions; promotes mental stability; calming

Geranium: female hormone (progesterone) regulator; adrenal cortical stimulant; lymph tonic

Ginger: immune system & sexual tonic; improves digestion and circulation; supports the will

Grapefruit: aids in digestion; gallbladder and bile stimulant; supports liver

Lavender: soothes headache; alleviates PMS (premenstrual syndrome); mental-emotional balancer

Lemon: endocrine stimulant; aids in digestion; supports liver

Lemongrass: supports thymus and spleen; supports immune function

Lime: improves circulation; relieves nervousness and depression

Mandarin: uplifts the spirit; relieves stress; aids digestion

Marjoram: calms and regulates heart; alleviates menstrual cramps

Patchouli: endocrine stimulant; supports spleen and pancreas; soothes the mind; aids in detoxification

Petitgrain: improves circulation; calms nervous system; clears the mind

Rose: immune stimulant; improves circulation; relieves apathy; soothes the mind; relieves sorrow; promotes gentle dreams; relieves postpartum depression*

Rosemary: adrenal cortex stimulant; aids circulation and concentration; supports the will

Tangerine: soothing and uplifting; relieves muscle spasm; improves digestion

Vetivert: alleviates postpartum depression*; aids hormone balance during menopause

Ylang ylang**: balances female immune system; relieves tension, cramps; relieves depression; increases ability to enjoy life

*Caveat: For nursing mothers, it is preferable to diffuse into the air, away from infants and small children

**Caveat: Ylang ylang may irritate or aggravate the emotions of some people if used too frequently. Restrict use to no more than 2-3 consecutive days, then take a break for a week or more.

Divine Blessings to you!


Dr. Light Miller, ND & Dr. Bryan Miller, DC: Ayurveda & Aromatherapy: The Earth Essential Guide to Ancient Wisdom and Modern Healing

Gabriel Mojay: Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit

Jessica North-O’Connell is founding Priestess of Faerie Mound Mystery School and Great Goddess Alive! Alchemical Arts & Services. She has been a practicing aromatherapist for 20 years, a Reiki and Soul Realignment practitioner, as well as a Tarot and Rune reader. She offers classes and programs and has aspirations of opening a Retreat center for creative recovery. Find her at and