Best Essential Oils for Hair

by Sumedha Rewar

Hair care has to be a part of your daily regime. Our scalp has many glands responsible for the production of sebum. Oil secretion can keep the skin hydrated and keeps a protective layer on each strand of hair for waterproofing. People often have a misconception that it is unnecessary to oil the air as our glands already produce sebum.

Frequent exposure of hair to wind and dust can make your hair frizzy with the itchy and dry scalp. Natural essential oils can keep your hair healthy. If you are already using normal oil for your hair, regular massage can help but essential oils can do extra benefits for your hair. Essential oils are the essence of plants having medicinal properties and they can treat the troubles in your hair. Oils can definitely improve blood circulation of the scalp and promote hair growth with stimulation of hair follicles.

Essential oils for hair can improve general or specific issues related to the hair. Mix a few drops of the essential oil in the carrier oil to make the different combinations. You can also do the same with vinegar, floral water or alcohol to get the required benefits. These oils are highly concentrated and can’t be used directly on the scalp. There are different properties of essential oils and you can choose the ones suiting your needs.

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Here are the best essential oils mentioned for your hair care. You can experiment with them to get gorgeous hair and envy all your friends. Remember, you need to be very cautious about putting essential oil into your hair. It shouldn’t be done directly and you must read all the precautions before making the right choice.

Some of the Favorite Essential Oils

  1. Ylang Ylang

This essential oil has a strong odor and it combines well with other essential oils, like lavender or lemon. People have been using this oil for an appropriate hair length. It combines well with lemon and lavender. It can treat thin hair and control natural sebum of the hair. It gives many benefits for relieving stress which reduces the pressure on the head. The little kids can get rid of lice with this powerful oil.

  1. Tea Tree

Tea tree is a powerful essential oil and can improve damaged scalp. This oil has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to treat dandruff. There was reduced greasiness and itchiness observed in the practical cases of usage of tea tree oil. Hair growth increases gradually and the hairs become shiny.

  1. Rosemary

This essential oil is the best for the treatment of dandruff in the hair. It can minimize the itchy feeling on the scalp and can treat dry and dull hair. It can also prevent split ends and removes greasiness from the hair. Many studies reveal that this oil is an effective way to stimulate hair follicles and avoid premature baldness issues.

  1. Lemon

Lemon has citric properties and it can help in circulation of the scalp for a better hair growth. It can reduce greasiness in hair and can be used with the carrier oils in low concentration. You can include it even in your shampoo to make it more impressive.

  1. Lavender

Lavender is a favorite essential oil for many skin and hair problems. Lavender can increase the thickness of your hair and increase the number of hair follicles. The stronger roots will make the basis for less hair fall. There is significant hair growth observed by making use of lavender oil with other essential oils. There is no side effect reported for lavender oil being used for hair.

  1. Peppermint

The fresh scent of mint is present in peppermint. The blend of carrier oil with 2-3% peppermint oil can increase the hair growth, improve thickness and increases the hair strength. Peppermint oil can promote hair growth but it should be carefully used for young children.

  1. Cedarwood

Cedarwood is mainly used for men because of its masculine scent. Cedarwood is an amazing option for the men who have issues with the usage of feminine oils. It increases circulation of blood, stimulates the hair follicles and reduces hair thinning. It can also expel dandruff from your hair.

  1. Lemongrass

Lemongrass oil has antifungal and antiviral properties to treat many scalp issues. There are many hair tonics available in the marketing having lemongrass oil as a major constituent. It gives tremendous results on the regular application.

  1. Chamomile

There are many types of chamomile flowers from which oil is extracted. Roman Chamomile from yellow colored flowers is mainly suitable for hair strength. This oil is the best for the anti-inflammatory properties and can remove itchiness and dandruff from the scalp. This oil protects the hair and conditions it to give a natural shine to it. 2-3 drops of Chamomile oil with the same amount of jojoba oil can be added to a carrier oil to give a non-greasy protective layer to the hair.

How to apply Essential Oils on Hair?

  • You can add a few drops of the essential oil in your shampoo or conditioner to get the effect.
  • Add essential oils in aloe vera bottle and use it as a mist for your hair. Rinse the hair after doing it.
  • The consistent use of these oils for 4-8 months can make you attain positive results.
  • Dilute form of essential oils can act as a leave-in conditioning treatment. It can be washed out of the hair after 4-8 hours. Coconut oil or almond oil can be used as a carrier oil for applying the essential oils.

Application of Oil- DIY

  • Part the hair and apply the oil section-wise.
  • Press your fingers firmly on the scalp area and move them across the skull in different movements.
  • Oil treatment should stay for at least 2 hours before washing it out.

Caution: Dilute the essential oils in an appropriate ratio in the carrier oil. Don’t put water in the solution. Use only the prescribed quantity of essential oils to get the desired results.

Sumedha Rewar
Sumedha Rewar
Sumedha Rewar is an expert in aroma-therapy and has experience in sharing valuable information for Reiki and Yoga articles as well. She is eager to know about the newest trends in the market and researching about them in the best way. Her experiments in essential oils with the scientific study have motivated her towards sharing the valuable information for the same.