Household uses of Lemon Essential Oil

by Sumedha Rewar

This article is in continuation to the last article we published on Lemon Essential Oils. We are giving some household uses of this oil and the ways you can include it in your daily life.

Household Uses of Lemon Essential Oil

  • Air Freshener: You can add 10-12 drops of Lemon Essential Oil in distilled water to use in the room as air freshener or diffuse essential oil for cleaning and disinfecting the surroundings.
  • Sterilize counter tops: Add 2 drops of lemon oil to water and spray on the counter tops for disinfecting them.
  • Remove spots, grease, tough stains and gum: 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil can be directly applied on oil stains, grease spots or gum for their easy removal.
  • Dishwasher: Add one drop of lemon essential oil to the dishwasher before beginning the wash cycle. It will give a good smell and sanitize the utensils.
  • After using bathroom: Rub one drop of lemon essential oil on your hands after using public washroom.
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  • Soak dishcloths: Soak your dishcloth overnight in warm water bowl and add one drop of lemon essential oil for disinfecting it.
  • Carpet Cleaning: Lemon essential oil is very good for sanitizing your carpets and pulling out its stains or spots. It also gives freshness in the room.
  • Garbage disposal and unclean areas: Lemon essential oil can eliminate infections and its usage on unclean areas can make it disinfected.

Note: Citrus Oils should not be applied to the skin having probability to be exposed to UV light or direct sunlight in 24 hours duration.

Keep in mind that the erroneous or adulterated oils can be potentially dangerous to your body. The improper usage of the oils can unsafe.

Sumedha Rewar
Sumedha Rewar
Sumedha Rewar is an expert in aroma-therapy and has experience in sharing valuable information for Reiki and Yoga articles as well. She is eager to know about the newest trends in the market and researching about them in the best way. Her experiments in essential oils with the scientific study have motivated her towards sharing the valuable information for the same.