Aromatherapy for a Positive Home Environment

by Shailja Kapur

Nowadays, the magical uses of herbs and essential oils for body, mind, and soul are gaining popularity. Then why not incorporate their uses in the home environment to bring the benefits of the vibrational medicine to enhance the home vibrations.

I would like to share my practical approach of incorporating Aromatherapy for the home.

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  1. Home entrance:

The nine cinnamon sticks tied in a bundle and hung on the entrance doors are believed to bring positive energies to the home environment. This is the most popular myth! But try it by yourself before believing.

  1. Prayer room:

Any fragrance which smells appealing to you works great. My personal fragrance varies with time and occasions.

Meditate in the morning with uplifting fragrance in the diffusers. For example, Bergamot

Meditate before bedtime in the night with relaxing and calming fragrances. For example, Lavender

  1. Kitchen:

Air purifying herbs: Keep herbal plant pots near the kitchen window sill. You can grow your own as well. The physical appearance of the plant makes a kitchen vibrant. The power of the aroma emitted from the herbs will purify the aura of the kitchen and brings serenity. Some well-known air purifying herbs are Basil, mint, lavender, and Rosemary.

Insect Repellents:

  • Mint leaves scattered around the kitchen cupboards works great as an ant repellent.
  • Cloves and bay leaves can be used in the storage of flour and grains to save them from storage insects.
  • The fragrance from bay leaves, lemon grass, Rosemary, and Basil helps to repel flies and mosquitoes.
  • For worktops and refrigerators wipe the surface with any citrus essential oils added to the wet cleaning cloth. It will neutralize the smell.
  1. Living room:

Cinnamon fragrance is excellent for the living area as it works not only as a mood enhancer but also as a mosquito repellent. It is also the oil that is believed to bring protection and prosperity.

  1. Couple’s bedroom:

Rose and Sandalwood essential oils are the popular choices for the couple bedrooms. Use in diffusers or vaporizers either on its own or as a blend.

  1. Kid’s bedroom:

Lavender essential oil-based mist or a spray is great for calming and relaxing Good night’s sleep.

  1. Study room:

Excellent fragrances that create an impact on olfactory senses and helps somehow in studies by affecting our subtle bodies are:

Peppermint Essential Oil: It is excellent for students as it is uplifting. It brings precision and improves learning.

Frankincense Essential Oil: It is a good option in the time of distress as its aroma makes you feel grounded which makes it a better choice for the students.

Bergamot Essential Oil: Its aroma is not only relaxing but also uplifting which brings calmness and satisfaction.

Cinnamon Essential Oil: Though it is popular oil to attract wealth; but its Aroma is believed to release unwanted patterns deep seated in our Aura from all our lives; it greatly helps to recover especially after a failure.

Patchouli Essential Oil: It does not only balance the mind but also energizes it.

Rosemary Essential oil: It is well known to enhance focus, alertness and avoid confusions.

These essential oils can be used as mist, spray or in diffusers but always follow safety guidelines.

  1. Bathroom:

Lemon and Pine Essential oils: These are the natural pleasant aroma for the bathroom.

  1. Garden:

Enjoy nights in the garden area with Citronella essential oil in diffusers or Citronella candles as they work great as mosquito deterrents.

  1. Special areas:

For Cigarette smells – Diffuse Bergamot essential oil. It is excellent in neutralizing the odor.

For clothing and linen cupboards – Make your own scented wardrobe sachets of the preferred fragrance.


  • Always follow fire and safety guidelines while using diffusers or vaporizers.
  • Always buy pure essential oils from the reliable sources and use with caution.
  • Extra watchful with kids.
  • The aroma can be chosen depending on the occasion.


I believe all these practices will raise the vibration of the home to invite positive vibes in a natural way. These small initiatives with aromatherapy make a big difference in the home environment.

Enjoy the Aromatherapy treated home!

Love & Light!

Shailja KapurShailja Kapur is a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Healer. She got passion for various Reiki practices and other healing modalities. She also practices Candle Healing, Distant Healing, Crystal Healing, Dowsing, Magnified Healing, Yoga and Guided Meditation. She always felt a strong connection with Reiki. She had started practicing Reiki since her childhood without knowing what she used to do is called Reiki. As possibilities are endless with Reiki, her enthusiasm to experiment Reiki and share her experiences with the world. She believes self- purification, self-dedication and selflessness enhances your Reiki experiences. Shailja can be reached via her e-mail address