Aroma therapy for Hormonal Balance

by Sumedha Rewar

Hormonal imbalance affects both males and females. It results in many symptoms including weight gain, depression, mood swings, fertility, and fatigue issues. Stress and pesticides in food are the major causes of hormonal imbalance in people. The fast pace of modern lifestyle has made people fully stressed and it is causing variations in their hormonal levels. Toxic chemicals are there at every place. You can’t control the intake of many things and need to make variations in your lifestyle to strengthen your immunity. A healthy lifestyle can strengthen your immunity against the chemical effect.

Use of Essential Oils

Essential oils can really help in balancing your hormonal systems and positively affects the hormonal health. Hormonal imbalances treatment with medications can correct one issue but creates side effects for the other body parts. Essential oils can be the best for getting holistic treatment from imbalances. Essential oils are the best for treating hormonal balances holistically. Some of the oils have powerful anti-oxidant properties to fight toxicity.

These oils can work perfectly for situational or chronic issues. It is indeed a natural, synthetic-free and non-toxic way of getting the right behavior of hormones. There is a group of essential oils termed as ‘Adaptogens’ having healing properties in their own way. They are adaptable and function in the required way. The under functioning glands start working for creating a proper balance on the required area. The healing properties enhance with the combination of some oils and make their work more stable.

Adaptogen essential oils can balance hormones in the areas where there is under-functioning of glands. Using some oils can actually strengthen the healing properties and make your body fit in hormonal mode.

Important Essential Oils for Hormonal Balance are:

  • Basil
  • Lemongrass
  • Geranium
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Licorice
  • Anise
  • Clary sage
  • Myrtle

Blends of oils for hormonal imbalances:

  • Balance of Adrenal Glands

Basil + Lavender + Anise

Image by dielok

Adrenal glands in your body are responsible for coping up with stress and anxiety. If you are trying to juggle with demands of everyday life, you need to relax the adrenals. The stress hormone named Cortisol is produced in the adrenal glands and regulates the response of the body to stress. Imbalanced cortisol can make you feel exhausted, increase food cravings and stress & induce irregularity in\ sleeping pattern.

Basil is good for increasing the natural responsiveness of the body for physical or emotional stress. The general stress levels are definitely reduced by basil oil and it is good for those looking for strength and renewal. Basil essential oil can sooth anxiety, exhaustion and overwhelm. It can be diluted in any carrier oil and applied gently on forearms or directly to adrenal gland point at the tragus for balancing the adrenals.

Improve the quality of your sleep with its blend with lavender oil. Lavender can avoid insomnia and restores the anxiety levels towards the lower side. Lavender, basil, and anise can be stored in a spray bottle and this mixture can be used on your pillow before the bedtime to enhance deep sleep. Anise oil can enhance restful qualities for both lavender and basil.

  • Ovarian balance and women hormonal issues

Lemon + Germanium + Clary Sage

Womanhood has many natural processes related to menstruation and menopause. The ovaries produce the hormones progesterone and estrogen and their imbalance might lead to the issues like PMS, irregular menstrual cycles, lower libido, infertility and tough menopause. You can begin your day with a simple liver detox process for keeping the hormonal balances and regulating different hormones. The oils like Clary Sage have been used from a long time for treatment of hormonal imbalance and relieving pain. You can dilute Clary Sage with almond oil and massage your ankles daily.

Menstrual cramps can become less painful by rubbing the oil on the stomach and ovary area. Adaptogen oil can be blended with geranium to relieve pain. PMS and other feminine discomforts can be avoided by adding clary sage and geranium oil in a carrier oil. It can be used as a warm bath or emulsifier in milk. There can be holistic healing done with blends of these oils. There can be the best balance maintained between body, mind, and spirit with the use of essential oils.

  • Thyroid Dysfunction

Myrtle + Licorice + Lemongrass

Image by Clay Junell

Thyroid dysfunction can cause insomnia, hair and skin problems, depression, uncontrollable weight loss or gain and heat or cold fluctuations. Myrtle oil can regulate the thyroid activity and has a natural ability to normalize hormonal imbalances related to thyroid or ovaries. Myrtle oil can be diluted in any carrier oil and massaged on the big toe of the feet (reflexology point for thyroid). It can also be applied on the area below Adam’s apple on the base area of the throat to increase the thyroid activity.

Essential oil penetrates into skin membranes very quickly and gives healing effects soon after getting into the skin. You can make the higher healing effect by blending the oil with lemongrass oil, which is another adaptogen. Licorice is a good antidepressant and you can fight symptoms like depression and fatigue on your hands for a mood boost.

Buy Oils from Right Source

If you are willing to naturally treat your hormonal imbalances, it is recommended to buy the essential oils from the right sources and plant origin to have highest quality effects. The non-adulterated oils without any additives will be the best to get the required effects for your hormonal dysfunction.

Sumedha Rewar
Sumedha Rewar
Sumedha Rewar is an expert in aroma-therapy and has experience in sharing valuable information for Reiki and Yoga articles as well. She is eager to know about the newest trends in the market and researching about them in the best way. Her experiments in essential oils with the scientific study have motivated her towards sharing the valuable information for the same.