Aromatherapy massages for Relaxing Mind and Body

by Sumedha Rewar

Everyone likes to have a peaceful and quiet life. If you wish to get the best feeling of calmness from within, just think about using essential oils to get the required effect on the body. Lavender is the first option coming into mind when we think about the aroma oil for relaxed body. There are several essential oils to lower the stress levels and they are not having any side effects.

The blend of some oils can make you feel calm and peaceful. Roman Chamomile, Marjoram, Lemon, Spikenard, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Frankincense, Lavender, and Rose are the common oils used for relaxing body and mind. You can even use these blends while meditating or in your room.

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  • Calming Massage Oil

Orange: 5 drops

Neroli: 4 drops

Petitgrain: 6 drops

Carrier Oil: 15 ml

Blend these oils and use it on shoulders and back area.

Other Option:

Eucalyptus: 5 drops

Roman Chamomile: 3 drops

Pine: 5 drops

Birch: 3 drops

Sunflower Oil: 2 ounces

Blend all the oils and shake well. It can reduce the stiffness of tired muscles and makes your body relaxed.

  • Relaxing Diffuser Blend

Lavender: 15 drops

Geranium: 10 drops

Roman Chamomile: 20 drops

Clary Sage: 10 drops

Ylang Ylang: 5 drops

Blend oils and keep in a glass bottle. Use it as a diffuser as you use it.

  • Calming Blend for Body and Mind

Lavender: 20 drops

German Chamomile: 10 drops

White Chamomile: 10 drops

Orange: 20 drops

Marjoram: 20 drops

Combine all the oils in a glass bottle with dropper neck. Add the drops 5-8 drops in water. It can make your room fresh and is the perfect cologne to be used daily.

  • Diffuser Blend for Relaxation

Roman Chamomile: 12 drops

Lavender: 20 drops

Rosewood: 15 drops

Ylang Ylang: 10 drops

Clary Sage: 10 drops

Geranium: 12 drops

Blend these oils in a glass container and add to your favorite diffuser.

  • Massage after a hectic day

Carrier Oil: 60 ml

Nutmeg: 6 drops

Rose: 15 drops

Jojoba: 1 drop (optional)

Anise: 6 drops

Massage to the upper chest area, back, shoulders and relieve your stressed body.

  • Intense Massaging Oil

Carrier Oil: 15 ml

Anise: 3 drops

Orange: 4 drops

Neroli: 3 drops

Cedarwood: 4 drops

Chamomile: 2 drops


Other Option:

Carrier Oil: 15 ml

Cedarwood: 3 drops

Neroli: 3 drops

Roman Chamomile: 3 drops

Orange: 3 drops

Anise: 3 drops

  • Cooling effect oil

Emulsifier: 30 drops

Sandalwood: 3 drops

Marjoram: 3 drops

Mandarin: 10 drops

Lavender: 5 drops

Blend essential oils and add the emulsifier in it. Mix it well and add it to a pet plastic spray bottle. Add 4 ounces of water. This oil is good for kids who play for the whole day or has involvement with some activity.

  • Stress buster Oil

Ylang Ylang: 4 drops

Roman Chamomile: 4 drops

Lavender: 6 drops

Blend these oils together in an amber bottle. It can be used as personal inhaler or diffuser (best in Terra Cotta diffuser). It will eliminate your tiredness and make you feel relaxed.

  • Relaxation Bath

Prepare a warm bath by adding 2 drops of Lavender and 4 drops of Chamomile. You can do this before the bed and get relaxed.

  • For soothing and relaxation

Bergamot: 6 drops

Ginger: 4 drops

Grapefruit: 6 drops

Lime: 6 drops

Sandalwood: 2 drops

Blend the oils and put 4-6 drops in the bath.

  • Stress relieving back massage oil

Sweet Almond: 60 ml

Nutmeg: 3 drops

Rose Otto: 1 drop

Anise: 7-10 drops

Blend these elements in 2 oz amber bottle and shake. This can be used anytime to massage on the back.

  • Strain Soother

Carrier Oil: 15 ml

Marjoram: 3 drops

Lavender: 3-5 drops

Blend these elements and apply it on the loose muscles. It will ease your muscles and make you relaxed.

  • Spray Mist

4 ounces of pure water

30 drops each of Marjoram, Petitgrain, Vetiver, Lavender and Cajuput

Shake well and spray in the room. It is good for the hyperactive brains.

  • Calming Perfume

Jojoba: 4 ml

Rose: 1 drop

Ylang Ylang: 3 drops

Jasmine: 1 drop

Roman Chamomile: 2-3 drops

Add essential oils to Jojoba. It can be inhaled with the cotton ball and kept in the glass bottle. You can dab on the ears or pulse points.

  • Spray for Comfort

Distilled water: 2 ounces

Lavender: 8-10 drops

Ylang Ylang: 3 drops

Vanilla: 3 drops (30 drops in Jojoba)

Cedarwood: 8 drops

Orange: 10 drops

Emulsifier: ½ teaspoon

Add oils to Emulsifier and shake well. Then add distilled water, shake well and spray in the room.

  • Simple Blend for Sleeping

Bergamot: 1 drop

Lavender: 1 drop

Place the blend on the tissue and place it under the pillow to get a sound sleep.

  • Sleeping Mist Spray

4 oz distilled water

Pine needle: 50 drops

Eucalyptus: 30 drops

Myrtle: 50 drops

Grapefruit: 20 drops

Marjoram: 20 drops

Bay Laurel: 30 drops

Emulsifier: 2 teaspoons

Blend the essential oils and the emulsifier with distilled water. Shake well and spray in the bedroom before going to sleep. It will avoid snoring.

  • Bedtime Spray for Monsters

Bedtime spray for children and adults can help in getting sound sleep. The bedtime spray can make the mix of essential oils in 8-ounce bottle of distilled water.

Emulsifier: 30 drops

Orange: 8 drops

Lavender: 15 drops

Roman Chamomile: 10 drops

Mix and spray on pillow or air in the room.

  • Sleeping Massage Oil

Carrier Oil: 15 ml

Cinnamon: 1 drop

Pine: 4 drops

Marjoram: 4-5 drops

Melissa: 4-5 drops

Blend all the ingredients and use for massaging to get a good sleep at night.

  • Sweet Dreams: Pillow Spray

The easiest way is to a few drops of Lavender and Marjoram in a warm bath to relax.

  • Pillow Spray

Distilled water: 15 ml

Lavender: 2 drops

Ylang Ylang: 1 drop

Orange: 1 drop

Chamomile: 1 drop

Shake the ingredients and spray on pillow cases. Let it dry and it will be a great welcome for your guests.

  • Sleepy Time

Lavender: 4 drops

Oregano: 3 drops

Mandarin: 3-4 drops

Neroli: 4 drops

Carrier Oil: 1 tablespoon

Blend the essential oils in the carrier oil and shake it well. Massage arms, legs and back area for the perfect sleep.

  • Oil for Meditation

Frankincense: 10 drops

Myrrh: 4 drops

Sandalwood: 5 drops

Cistus: 2 drops

Clary Sage: 5 drops

Rose Otto: 2 drops

Clove bud: 2 drops

Blend oils and mix them well in the amber bottle. You can add 2-4 drops in your diffuser for use while meditating. This blend is very soothing for relaxing your body and mind.

  • Foot Bath for Rejuvenation

Grapefruit: 4 drops

Myrtle: 4 drops

Cajuput: 4 drops

Spearmint: 4 drops

Carrier oil: 15 ml

Blend all the elements together and add 6-8 drops in the foot bath. The water can be swirled for dispersion of oils. Relax by dipping your feet in the water.

  • De-stressing bath

Lavender: 5 drops

Geranium: 2 drops

Ylang Ylang: 3 drops

Grapefruit: 2 drops

Basil: 3 drops

Fill the bathtub with warm water and add the above mentioned essential oils. Enjoy and relax the calmness. Play your favorite music or simply relax with closed eyes.

Sumedha Rewar
Sumedha Rewar
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