Daily Aromatherapy Wisdom for Wednesdays

by Writeous

“Hump Day”, as Wednesdays are affectionately referred to by many viewing this weekly midpoint from a vantage point you will soon see with a new grasp of empowerment and boon rather than as a hump to bare or get over.

As a Reiki practitioner, Wednesdays may very well be the most sacred day relative to your hands and facilitating healing handiwork. Due to the fact that Wednesdays and our anatomy’s Hands happen to be astrologically associated especially with Gemini, featuring ruling planet Mercury and the element of Air.

Virgo also has the ruling planet Mercury, yet it’s element of Earth. Aquarius has the element of Air as well but ruling planet Uranus. Thus Aquarius, Virgo, and Gemini each hold Wednesday in common. Hand in hand in hand so to speak.

Image by Rain Forest

Interestingly, Reiki practitioners (level 2 and up) have sacred symbols which are utilized via hand gestures, written/drawn, or projection. Energy potency of the hand chakras may easily be amplified specifically on Wednesdays, using a powerful combination of Reiki symbols, certain corresponding essential oils and a host of related herbs.

Such as Eucalyptus essential oil (Eucalyptus globulus — A species that receives the most attention from botanists/chemists, and its best known and most used of all eucalyptus oils). it can be applied to skin within a carrier oil, such as cold pressed, extra virgin coconut oil or olive oil Eucalyptus essential oil has the ability to address exhaustion through creating a cooling and refreshing effect helping to eradicate exhaustion, stimulating blood flow, whether it be to the brain or throughout the hands.

The following healing, revitalizing list of common herbs from your kitchen can be used (based on which herbs you have to add) to create a do-it-yourself hand balm, with these common herbs’ properties also being relative to Wednesdays cooperative energies, and above-mentioned inter-relative, planets and elements include: almond, buckwheat, chamomile, dill, eucalyptus, fennel, gentian, hazel, lavender,  morning glory, oats, passion fruit, Queen Anne’s, lace, sage, uva-ursa, valerian, walnut, to name a few, as the rest some would say are also “in your hands”.

All making the so-called Hump Day, not such a handful after and definitely thanks to Reiki, certain essential oils, and specific herbs, a day you can wisely handle with care and healing.

About the author:

Writeous is an avid, (Yoruba-inspired) Spiritual practitioner, up and coming shamanic practitioner and as of recently a Reiki practitioner (L2 pursuing Reiki Master-hood). She shares powerful, daily astrologically-aligned, herbal magick/aromatherapy and also serves as functional wisdom. She makes it an integral part of her overall intentional daily continuous seeking/studies/practitionership.