Balance 7 Chakras with Essential Oils

by Sumedha Rewar

Chakras refer to the 7 energy concentration points from the body. Each Chakra governs its expression of associated spiritual, emotional and physical energy. There is interlinking between these chakras and they work in turning with each other. The over or under expression of any chakra can imbalance the body, spirit and mind activities. All the balanced chakras will have the physical, spiritual and mental well-being of a person.

The natural essential oils from plants origin have an influence on the chakra functioning. The essential oils are required to energize the chakras and give them calming effect. Balancing oils can regulate the chakras and gives them support. There are many combinational oils meant forgiving benefit to chakras.

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Here is a table enlisted for the chakras and essential oils associated for healing them:

Chakra Name Colors Essential Oils
Crown Chakra Violet Rosewood, Jasmine, Neroli, Rose, FrankIncense
Third Eye Chakra Indigo Helichrysum, thyme, clary sage, lemon, rosemary, juniper
Throat Chakra Blue Myrrh, basil, hyssop, peppermint, blue chamomile, cypress, sandalwood
Heart Chakra Green Ylang ylang, rose, Bergamot, geranium, jasmine, lavender, mandarin
Solar Plexus Chakra Yellow Lemon, cardamom, marjarom, hyssop, black pepper, cedarwood, jupiner, grapefruit, vetiver
Sacral Chakra Orange Sandalwood, ginger, jasmine, rose, clarysage, cardamom, fennel
Root or Base Chakra Red Myrrh, thyme, vetiver, patchouli, frankincense, ylang ylang, rosewood

Chakra wise balancing

A room diffuser having the appropriate essential oil can balance the transcendent Crown chakra. This chakra is located in the middle of your head and the oils appealing you the most can be diffused into the air to get the well functioning of the crown chakra.

Third eye chakra can be balanced by applying the oil or balm on the forehead area with inhalation or simple diffusion. For example, the sleeping third eye chakra can be opened by rosemary essential oil. In the routine activities, we apply body spray or perfume near the throat area for influencing the throat chakra and soothes the communication. The balance makes it easy to express the thoughts with vocal cords in the appropriate way.

Heart chakra benefits from the massage of essential oil to the mid or back area of the chest or direct application of perfumed oil into the breast bone. There are many oils to open the heart chakra or you can even make it quieter with some therapeutic property oils. Heart chakra can well function with the choice of right oil.

Solar plexus chakra can be smoothened by the gentle tummy massage for improving the working. Application of helichrysum or vetiver can calm the chakra and juniper berry and eucalyptus can activate it. The balancing oils can really make the functioning of solar plexus positive.

Your sensuality is affected by the Sacral Chakra, which can benefit from the massage of the lower back area. Again, the oils for activating or calming are different. You can maintain a well-functioning sacral chakra with the right application of sandalwood, ylang ylang, neroli or cardamom essential oils.

Root Chakra can be balanced by the calming massage on foot area. It can make you stable and the essential oils can really leave a positive impact on the functioning of this chakra.

Choosing the right oils is a matter of research and practical implementation. There might be an oil type suitable for me, but it is quite possible that it doesn’t appeal anyone else. Hence, it is important to make the right choice for the appropriate chakra of the body.

Sumedha Rewar
Sumedha Rewar
Sumedha Rewar is an expert in aroma-therapy and has experience in sharing valuable information for Reiki and Yoga articles as well. She is eager to know about the newest trends in the market and researching about them in the best way. Her experiments in essential oils with the scientific study have motivated her towards sharing the valuable information for the same.