Introduction: Essential Aroma Oils

by Sumedha Rewar

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We have initiated this blog for the content sharing purpose for essential oils, which are commonly used by people for inhalation or application on the body. These oils are available in the market so readily that it is thought that there is no special knowledge required to use them. It is the biggest mistake to think so. You can’t estimate the usage guides or read a little before using any oil. The incorrect usage can be probably problematic for the users. These are powerful botanicals and you need to understand about the oils to get most out of them.

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Essential Oils

Essential Oils are basically the liquids with the higher concentration being extracted from plant material: Flowers, bark (or stem), berries, roots, seeds, leaves or twigs. It is variable for all the plants as benefits vary for different plantations.

Extracting Essential Oils:

1) Steam Distillation is the most common way of extracting essential oils from plant material. It makes the oils to evaporate out. The condensation process makes the oil skimmed off with the liquid condensed back.

2) Some delicate plants like oil blossom, rose & jasmine can’t bear distillation and for those plants, the oils are extracted with the use of solvents. The oils generated from these cases are mainly used as diffusers or perfumes.

3) Carbon Dioxide extraction is the third way to extract essential oils. These are technically absolute oils and pressurized CO2 is used as a solvent to create oil full of aroma with adequate thickness.

4) Cold-pressed essential oils are extracted from the fruit rind by grind & press processing for the fruits.

Shelf Life

Most aroma oils don’t have the infinite shelf life and lose their full potential after 6 months to one year. The life of floral oils is more than the fruit extract oils. It is always preferable to store the oil away from sunlight with less air space. Some oils remain better when refrigerated. So, you must take into account about the nature of the oil to keep it secured.

Know about the oil

The quality of oil does matter on the method of production of the oil. The plant nature, rarity, species, quantity and quality standards are important in determining the cost & superiority of the oil. The different varieties of the same plant can have variable uses. One plant can produce a wide range of aroma oils.

The essential oils should be purchased only from the reputed distributors or brands. There are many companies selling synthetic fragrances under the name of essential oils. This is certainly a RED FLAG for the purchasers.

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Grading guide

Essential oils have therapeutic value, but the. There are no standards or official grades for the production of essential oils. There are marketing terms used by companies to attract customers to purchase their products.

Synthetic Oils

There are no rules and regulations for the synthetic or real production of the oils from the appropriate sources. Synthetic fragrances are blended with mineral oil, vegetable oil, propylene glycol or other toxic ingredients. These oils are cheaper than essentials oils and have the stronger scent. Some plants can’t produce essential oils at all and they are still marketed. It will certainly be synthetic in nature.

One truth about essential oils is that they never give nutrients to the body. They don’t contain minerals, vitamins, amino acids, carbs, proteins or any other nutrient. The use of wrong oils or excess of them can make it unsafe for the body. Uncertified oils can actually cause more harm to your body than doing any good. For example, certain oils shouldn’t be used for high BP patients and contradict certain medications.

Neat usage (undiluted) of any essential oil can be dangerous as well. There might be delayed or immediate reaction to such oils causing serious consequences. There are sometimes cumulative negative impacts caused by these oils, which cause serious problems later on. The strength and amount of using aroma oils are VERY IMPORTANT.

Using the right precautions and information for essential oils will be helpful in reaping the right benefits of the oils. Invest quality time in researching the benefits, knowing about the properties and checking contraindications and then purchase the best product as per your requirement. You will enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy in a better way if you are aware of the facts and information about them.

Sumedha Rewar
Sumedha Rewar
Sumedha Rewar is an expert in aroma-therapy and has experience in sharing valuable information for Reiki and Yoga articles as well. She is eager to know about the newest trends in the market and researching about them in the best way. Her experiments in essential oils with the scientific study have motivated her towards sharing the valuable information for the same.