Raise Vibrations and Invite Positivity with Camphor

by Shailja Kapur

Camphor is a white waxy solid with a strong aroma. It is extracted from the bark of the large evergreen tree, Cinnamomum camphora.

Camphor purifies the atmosphere by removing negative and stagnant energies from its surroundings. The most common form of camphor is pellets and essential oils. It should always be used with precautions because of its highly flammable property and should be stored in airtight container.

In Hinduism, the use of camphor in prayers has a great significance. Camphor burning symbolically represents the burning of one’s ego. As camphor burning does not leave any residue behind; the burning of ego helps us to become ONE with the Absolute or the Ultimate Reality.

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How can we use camphor to make the environment serene?I would like to share some of my tips:

I would like to share some of my practically implemented tips:

  1. Prayers: Camphor pellets of various shapes and sizes can be used every day as a part of prayer routine or for any sacred ceremonies.
  2. Human Aura Enhancement: Sometimes we are overwhelmed after visiting crowded places. The reason behind this; our aura overlaps when we interact with people with various vibrations.

The overlapping auras create an impact on the auric layer of the person which can be distorted at times, especially those who are empaths.

I have experienced camphor tablets carried in pockets helps to keep negativity at bay to some extent. My family and friends have noticed the same. That’s why I believe camphor helps in making our aura vibrant or healthy.

  1. Home Healing: Camphor fragrance can be used for clearing negative energies from the home.

When moving to a new home it is always advisable to purify the home before moving in so that any energy imprints left from the previous occupiers can be cleansed.

Its distinctive smell not only works as an insect repellent but is also great for spiritual cleansing too.

If we are feeling drained, unhappy at home without a reason or there is an argument or sickness at home, it means the home needs healing as these activities affect the aura of the home. Here, Camphor comes to the rescue.

There are different ways to use camphor for home cleansing and healing:

  1. Camphor oil in burners or diffusers can be used to diffuse camphor essential oil into the atmosphere which cleanses the surroundings by spreading fragrance in the air.
  2. If camphor oil is not available then use camphor pellets in the top bowl of the diffuser with a little water to create a relaxing atmosphere. But always follow fire and safety regulations.
  • Put camphor pellets in all corners of the room for 24 hours and discard it by burning it the following day.
  1. Leave the camphor pellets in the corners or dark areas of the home and let it disappear by itself.
  2. Camphor used along with Neem oil in diffuser works as a mosquito repellent.

If you have babies, kids or pets use camphor only if it is safe to do so. Always use your own discretion.

The Same procedure can be used for healing offices, shops or any space.

On occasions, healing does take time but every small step can lead us towards greater dimensions.

Always set an intention before cleansing and maintain a positive attitude towards life which is the most important thing above all.

Invite positivity in your life with camphor!

Love & Light!

Shailja KapurShailja Kapur is a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Healer. She got passion for various Reiki practices and other healing modalities. She also practices Candle Healing, Distant Healing, Crystal Healing, Dowsing, Magnified Healing, Yoga and Guided Meditation. She always felt a strong connection with Reiki. She had started practicing Reiki since her childhood without knowing what she used to do is called Reiki. As possibilities are endless with Reiki, her enthusiasm to experiment Reiki and share her experiences with the world. She believes self- purification, self-dedication and selflessness enhances your Reiki experiences. Shailja can be reached via her e-mail address divinereikiblessings@gmail.com.

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